问一个无关的问题:如果在一个国家内,一个人或者很多人一起,cos 另一个国家的军装、警服等正式制服,每天穿着上街,有没有问题?

前些年悉尼有辆车,完全喷涂成中国警车的样子,引擎盖上印着「JING CHA」(这个估计违禁),不知后来有没有被取缔?

RT @[email protected]

In response to @[email protected]'s f*** Xi Jinping sign last week, a person dressed in PLA uniform appeared in Eastwood today holding a sign saying "all Eastwood Chinese fully support Xi Jinping". This will probably draw more votes for @[email protected] in 2 weeks!!


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