关于 trans 运动员在奥运男子和女子举重比赛中的水平排位……

图表为 35-39 岁年龄组成绩。奥运会是不分年龄只按体重分组的,所以估计还是中国 21 岁的李雯雯夺冠。到时候如果 Laurel Hubbard 第二,然后第三愤怒地拒绝奖牌,那么第一会不会很尴尬…………

RT:All IMF Masters results for the men (blue) and women (orange) in Class 35 from 2010-2019 combined.

The orange dot for the men is Laurel Hubbard, because that's where her result landed.
And remember, her result counts toward the orange line (women).


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